Saturday, 26 May 2012

Winning Week (aka Smug Cow)

Forgive me for being a little smug this week. It's been fabulous, with our most recent WI meeting on Tuesday and it's to end with Three Wine Men at MoSI.

Wednesday's adventure was a trip to The Lowry to see Robin Ince talk - I'm a big geek and the combination of a clever, funny man and a cardigan is always hard to resist. I previously watched a recording of the Infinite Monkey Cage programme for BBC Radio 4 that he does with Prof Brian Cox and saw Uncaged Monkeys when it toured  late last year, which is the live 'concert' version, with Simon Singh, Ben Goldacre and the genius that is Tim Minchin.

Robin is back in Manchester again on 22 June - I believe tickets are still available and I'll be going again - geek girl that I am, I tweeted him during the show and he is going to try to cover the bits he missed on Wednesday then.

Vintage at it's best

Thursday provided even more good luck - I have a massive love of vintage - I own lots of vintage clothing and accessories, particularly 50s and 60s. So when the Vintage Festival twitter account said they were doing a Q and A session with Judy Berger of Judy's Vintage Fair, I had to join in... Even better, I discovered they were doing a give-away as part of the session. On offer, some vintage red white and blue accessories, some Coronation hairclips and, best of all, a pair of vintage style frilly knickers from Buttress and Snatch. To my amazement, I won the knickers. Now to try and do some saving so I can buy some more of their divine lingerie...

And so to Thursday night. I'm counting myself as unbelievably fortunate, not only winning knickers, but being given tickets from Forever Manchester to attend their charity comedy night at Manchester235 - Barbara Nice and Friends.

My friend (and fellow WI member) Sandra and I on arrival. 
I've never experienced Barbara before. It was suggested she's like Mrs Merton, I disagree. Her character is more along the lines of something from Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights. There are, parts of her personality you recognise from your own friends and family. Imagine your auntie; you know the one; a lady of a certain age, who gets giddy after a couple of Lambrinis; who flirts with all the men in the bar and who insists on a game of 'What's the time Mr Wolf' whilst you're all dancing to cheesy disco on the dance floor. Then you're about there. I love her.

Our table

Before Barbara joined us, we were treated to her friends. The MC, had that slightly awkward self-deprecating humour that you can't help laughing at; the first act's observations of being an old married hit the right note with many of those at my table, myself included. Act two's take on being a geek, certainly won me over - sorry love, but to a fellow geek, it was rather obvious :o). And act three's final gag, referring to the similarities between football and being queer...

Musical statues in action
At the final interval, Barbara appeared. After popping my pennies into the raffle and a game of musical statues, to I Feel Love, by Donna Summer, the charity raffle draw began. I have never been more happy with the prize selection. Everyone wanted the Fray Bentos (Limited Edition) pie and I really wanted the HP Sauce... but sadly, it was not to be and I went home empty handed, but full hearted. Huge thanks to the guys at Forever Manchester - particularly Craig who has been a star :o)

Friday, a rest day. No going out, no gallivanting, nothing. Except some more competition winning. I know, I don't know where my luck is coming from, but I'm running with it. Mid afternoon, an email arrived from Booths - purveyors of all things divinely Lancs - telling me I'd won tickets to Three Wine Men.

Since he appeared on Saturday Kitchen, I've always loved Olly Smith. It's his enthusiasm and knowledge I think. I think he's lovely. And he's at Three Wine Men. I cannot wait...

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  1. Quick update. The MC for the night was Phil Ellis. The acts themselves were Alex Boardman, Lewis Charlesworth and Brennan Reece. (Thanks again Craig!)