Sunday, 3 June 2012

Gin, my friend. I have missed you.

Glamourpuss Miss Pond
I hope your Jubilee weekend was fun.

Mine is proving exceptionally so, so far, beginning with an evening of cocktails with the lovely Miss Pond.

Properly glammed up, we started in The Alchemist, for some much needed gin-based fun and frolics. A rosebud later and I was desperate for something pretty and feminine. Along came a divine Garden Martini and I was having an Audrey moment in my little black dress and pearl earrings.

Emma indulged herself with a Summer of Love - and not surprisingly flirted with the nice young man behind the bar...

The Agwa Smash
Garden Martini in hand
As our final drink here, after much deliberation, we opted for the Agwa Smash. That little beauty slipped down far too easily and before we became unsteady on our heels we headed off into the night.

Emma had decided we needed to hit up Keko Moku - 'If it's not on fire, I don't want it', but we hit up Bacchanalia on the way, Emma grabbing a much needed Long Island Iced Tea, whilst I had my second martini - with ginger and chilli and yes, more gin.

Deciding it was a little too quiet; we wandered into Walrus, for some G&T love and a wiggle to some music; before we headed for our final destination. A couple of drinks later and suitably relaxed, we arrived at Keko Moku. It was a rugby scrum as usual, but that's why we love it... What's more fun than being pressed up against lots of people you don't know while you all clamour for the fiery rum fun that's a Zombie?

Saturday had it's own fun in store with a trip to the Beached Festival with my little brother Matt, as my planned company for the day dropped out. Heading out a little later than expected, we missed the heaviest rain and arrived in plenty of time for Kid British. Looking curiously at the ladies in heels on the sand (vanity thy name is woman - but seriously girls, you'll only ruin them) we grabbed a couple of beers each and headed to the main stage.

Being a relative newcomer to KB (I've got a track or two on my running tracklist), I'm now a massive fan. They knew how to get us bouncing, despite the grey skies and cold.

We bumped into Charlie who was there with her daughter, Em, who by all accounts had a fantastic time, making friends and bouncing along to the music. Em takes after her Mum and Dad :o)

Catching Jessie Rose Trip was worth it too - I've not seen the guys play for some time, not since they made the switch into a more electric feel. Jessie's voice has always given me goosebumps and they didn't disappoint. It's really hard not to respect someone who can not only play every instrument on stage, but can also wring a sob from an electric guitar.

The band I was really there to see were The Whip, who seriously did not disappoint. I've only managed to see them once before, quite a while ago now (I fear I've been neglecting my love of music). The weather had turned drizzly again, my jeans were soaked, my feet were soaked through, they had technical problems and started a bit late, but we really didn't care. We bounced, we laughed, we danced. They really are on fire at the moment.
Beer o'clock

Sadly, we decided to leave at this point. I was tired and lack of sleep from the night before was taking it's toll. I try not to regret anything, but wish we'd stayed for the Futureheads, even though by the time I got home I was slightly hypothermic. Charlie tells me they were bloody amazing. Dammit. Next time I stay....


  1. Looks like your weekend is going very nicely! Good post - you've got a knack for storytelling :) Jen x

  2. What an awesome night out :D

  3. We need to do this again.... Soon.... x