Sunday, 17 June 2012

Quick Post: Slippery Belle Burlesque

To the uninitiated amongst you, burlesque is art, comedy, theatre and yes, striptease. Stripping and burlesque are very different things and, if you want to understand the difference for yourself, Manchester has an active burlesque scene and you should come along to a show.

The amazing Bella Besame, performer, teacher and the lady behind Burlesque! at the Lowry and The Slippery Belle burlesque, held a special show last night at TV21. A show with a difference.

A German TV company had been in contact with Bella, to arrange for a lady to perform burlesque for the first time ever, in front of a live audience as part of a full show. She had never even seen a live burlesque show. The TV programme effectively gives people the chance to live their dream in another country. To try something they've never done before. This was one brave lady.

So, as I can't post photos from the event and the film is in production (I'll hopefully be able to point everyone to it in September time), what I thought I could do, is a quick post on some of the outfits the audience wore to the evening...

We are a glamorous lot and as a matter of course, dressing up to watch burlesque is a lot of the fun :o)

First up, is the gorgeous Danielle Brown, in a dress from Collectif. I was also exceptionally envious of her handbag too, an eBay find I believe.

Next up is Victoria Denbigh in a divine corset, satin skirt and that handsome gent beside her, is her husband Conrad.

This quartet of glamorous ladies are Punky Galore, Polly Tickle, Zara Williamson and Robyn O'Rorke.

Punky and Polly are performers themselves and I believe roller derby was mentioned...

Polly's shoes, she tells me were 50p from a car boot sale. I am beyond envious.

And this lovely lady is Paula Surtees, who not only has the most fantastic hair, makes her own clothes - this gorgeous dress being one of them - but also had on the most amazing pair of shoes I've seen in a while....

The dapper gent partnering her for the photo is Howard Ball.

Paula's shoes in all their glory. Fabulous...!

Finally (though a little later in the evening), this is myself, in a Bettie Page Clothing dress and vintage hat. I too  was in the obligatory seams, though by the time this photo was taken, it was somewhat late in the evening. (I'm not grumpy honest... my feet were killing me!)


  1. Ha ha ha I can't believe you posted a picture of my shoes. They were a birthday present so I'm sorry I don't know where they are from. It was a great night, as always.

  2. I had to Paula, they were amazing :o)