Sunday, 10 June 2012

Quick-post: World Gin Day

Saturday 9 June was World Gin Day and, in the spirit of being gin fuelled, I could hardly ignore this fun fest. Hubby and I decided to wander around town for some much needed alcoholic release.
We kicked off the night at the Atlas Bar, where they had an astonishing number of gins on offer. After much deliberation, some Blooms and Death's Door gin went down very nicely indeed. For some reason whilst drinking the latter, I couldn't get the idea of chocolate limes out of my head - not what I expected given the ingredients. Perhaps I just have an odd palate...

Onward we went to Gorilla, where a fabulous Gorilla dog was consumed, along with a burger for myself - not as pink as I wanted it, but tasty nonetheless. Accompanying it was a Sipsmith and tonic, sharp and citrusy- they too have a good selection of gins on offer, not to mention everything else. 

Our penultimate destination was The Whim Wham Cafe, so hubby could indulge his beer love, whilst I delighted in a Martinez, followed by 'On a Whim' basily lemony goodness... Yummy. We also bumped into a couple of twitter friends, @HelenFrancesca and @MightHorselips, enjoying their dinner amongst the vintage finery. I feel they may be as gin fuelled as I am...

Finally, though not on a gin note at all, we headed to Brew Dog. I fancied a beer to round off the night and we settled in to one of our favourite places, happily sipping on their yeasty goodness before trundling home.

Manchester, you did World Gin Day proud...


  1. I didn't even know there was a World Gin Day! I feel you educate me every day :D

  2. Sounds like a great evening! I'm pretty much going to treat you like my MCR Eating and Drinking Consultant now, just so you know. :) Jen x

  3. Jen, this is why you need to come out with me/us on adventures :o)

    Teri, I had no idea until just over a week ago. I threw myself into it with appropriate enthusiasm :o)