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Guest Post: Whim Wham Thankyou Mam (& Alix)

I've been fortunate enough to meet lots of amazing people via Twitter and some of those in real life too. Helen is one of those people, and when she won a dining experience at Whim Wham Cafe, I asked her if she'd mind writing up her experience for me. She said yes :o)

Cocktails... Backdrop provided by Alex

This is my first time doing this.

Please be gentle.

So, I entered a RT (retweet, for those not involved with Twitter) competition for a dinner for four at the newly opened Whim Wham cafe.

I won the competition. Marvellous.

After a few emails between myself and the manager we arranged for Saturday (9th June) evening at 8. Perfect.
Deep fried Lancashire

Chosen chums Chris, Alex, James and I arrived at the nifty gaff under the arches on Whitworth Street West at 8. I got to meet lovely Alix (our emailer) who was very friendly and turned out like only the proprietor of Gin Saloon should be - dapper and like he'd stepped straight out of the 1930's.

Mackerel Salad
Seated and advised on what my prize included we settled on cocktails to start. Now, I wish I could remember the name of the one I chose but it was a tall, beautiful fruity-berry-Gin combo and Alex ordered the Vimto-Gin sipper. Honestly, it was a taste sensation! Who'd have thunk gin and Vimto would be such a winner?!

A long hard look at the menu and we all struggled to choose what to eat. Everything sounded great and tasty.

So, to start the boys had the Cheshire cheese and beetroot pickle (which looked really good, deep-fried triangle of gooey fromage... oof). I had a beautifully fresh poached mackerel salad with apple and rocket. It was so light and set the taste buds a-tingling ready for my main. I ordered fish pie.

Now, I LOVE fish pie. I make a really good fish pie. My expectations of a fish pie are high. My goodness, it was a beltin' fish pie. Served in a delightful copper pan with a wedge of bread and butter (What more do you need?!) The cheesy top was scrumptious, there was plenty of lovely fish in a creamy white sauce with
peas and carrot in the mix up too. Great fish pie. Try it.

The Fish Pie. *dribble*
The boys had the Hot Pot and to put it simply it arrived, with pickled cabbage and obligatory bread & butter, they looked at each other in mutual appreciation of the food they were about to eat then 'uhhmed and ahh'd all the way to the end. 'Lovely lamb, really lovely, mmmm mmm etc'. No offer to try. Boo hiss.

Alex had the chicken casserole. It smelt delicious and she ate it all. Again, no offer to try. (I must pick more generous friends in future). Alex was also the only contender for pudding, which was a salted caramel-peanut butter ice cream. It was lovely I'm sure but an ice cream eater I am not.

Quite simply it was deliciously homely food, lovingly cooked well presented. That's all we want really isn't it? Beautiful.

Chicken Casserole
The end of dinner signalled more drinks and whilst the boys stuck to some sound local ales Alex and I had more cocktails. She had the Vimto sipper again (really REALLY worth a visit alone) and I had a Hendricks lime/Elderflower and mint sipper. It was just refreshing enough to end meal and not tip me over the edge.

The Whim Wham cafe is lovely little establishment that deserves all the support of the people Manchester - and beyond. Don't forgo this independent gin saloon and eatery for some pompous crap chain. Go and try it. Have gin.

Without a shadow of a doubt we will be going back. Properly, to pay for it and enjoy it again.


Thankyou Whim Wham x

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  1. Oooh another fab recommendation! Might have to make visit to here at the weekend! Jen x